Play the first song and watch the moving spectacle © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Forget me not

A record player as a playing jewel

Forget me not is a series of products from the past. I created a new function for almost forgotten products.

Old and redundant record players become a jewel, visible from all around on its own legs.

Finally you can see what is inside

Finally you are able to watch inside, where a world of wires, tubes and motors rule. It is all moving

and glowing. You can discover how it works.

Play the first song and watch the moving spectacle

The record player combined with a Fold out record leads to a musical play-box revealing sound and visuals.

Put on the music and the world starts to spin around.

Always in a hurry
A red dress on the washing line

See for more information

Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven – 2010

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