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Organic Factory

In a factory, overproduction is common. In between shifts, plastic is dripping on the floor.

Instead of this, Ruben Thier created containers for under every extruder.

By this, the plastic is collected as an overproduction archive.

Series stools and benches from overproduction plastic, produced in week 47, 2010

From these plastic ‘lumps’ Ruben created benches and stools, named by their machine

and week of production, one can see the amount of ‘waste’ is captured in furniture.

Bench from Polyethylene overproduction plastic, Weber 12 - week 47, 2010
Stool from Polyethylene overproduction plastic, Weber 10 - week 47, 2010
Bench from high density Polyethylene overproduction plastic, Weber 7 - week 47, 2010
Stool from Polyethylene overproduction plastic, Weber 10 - week 47, 2010
Top view; here you see the smooth surface and figures created by the extruder
Leg and 'lump' come together, the label tells when the bench or stool is made and from which extruder

The collection is growing, because production never stand still. The furniture comes with a serial number containing date, factory and machine.

Now it becomes something, instead of being waste..

Price: up on recuest, please contact me for more information.

Graduation project – Design Academy Eindhoven 2010

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